covers learning phase 5
Build your own iso

All ArcoLinux ISOs are minimal ones
Select more software in calamares

We have removed all the packages to build the ArcoLinuXL, XS, D and all the B ISOs from our repositories.

From now on you can only build these three ISOs. Here are the repositories:

You can also use our building app the AAG to build any of our three ISOs + Arch Linux ISO + Ariser ISO + Sierra ISO.

All the knowledge shared in any building video still applies.

Buiding isos just became 4.000 times more exciting

We can add 4.000+ packages from Chaotics-aur to our ArcoLinux isos and build our own personal iso – BYOI.

ArcoLinux has introduced a significant update to its ISO customization process by integrating the Chaotic-AUR repository. This new feature allows users to expand their software options significantly, enhancing the flexibility and personalization of their ArcoLinux installations. The introduction of the “Chaotics repo” parameter enables users to specify the inclusion of packages from the Chaotic-AUR repository directly in their ISO builds.

Each package is meticulously added to the installation scripts, ensuring that users can tailor their ISO build to include only the desired software.

Importantly, this customization feature is available not only for ArcoLinXL ISOs but also for the core ISOs of ArcoLinux, broadening the scope of flexibility to all users.


Build your own Arch Linux iso and install Plasma 6 on Qemu

Build your own Arch Linux iso and install Plasma 6 on Qemu

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Adding Nimdow to the ArcoLinuxB Xtended iso

Adding Nimdow to the ArcoLinuxB Xtended iso

The video details the process of adding Nimdow, a new tiling window manager (TWM), to the ArcoLinuxB Xtended ISO. Here's a summary: Nimdow is introduced as a new tiling window manager (TWM) for ArcoLinux. The video showcases the intention to add Nimdow to the Xtended...

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