First check on discord
if it is ok to build now
then …

What iso to build

ArcoLinuxB Awesome

ArcoLinuxB Bspwm

ArcoLinuxB Budgie

ArcoLinuxB Cinnamon

ArcoLinuxB Cinnamon

ArcoLinuxB Deepin

ArcoLinuxB FVWM3

ArcoLinuxB Gnome

ArcoLinuxB Herbstluftwm

ArcoLinuxB i3

ArcoLinuxB icewm

ArcoLinuxB Kodi

ArcoLinuxB LXQt

ArcoLinuxB Mate

ArcoLinuxB Openbox

ArcoLinuxB Plasma

ArcoLinuxB Qtile

ArcoLinuxB Spectrwm

ArcoLinuxB Spectrwm

ArcoLinuxB Xfce

ArcoLinuxB Xmonad

ArcoLinuxB Xtended

BYOI or Build Your Own Iso

With BYOI we give you the power to change
the iso any way you want.

Choose your iso/desktop in the menu ‘BYOI’

We have heard the following remarks online that you can now easily solve yourself.

  • There are too many / too little browsers
  • I do not need libreoffice – I want openoffice – I do not want any office suite
  • I want steam or obs-studio on the iso
  • I want more applications
  • I want less applications
  • The iso does not support xxx hardware.

All of these opportunities are within your reach.
We give you FULL CONTROL
what goes on your personal iso.

Choose your desktop in the BYOI menu
learn how to mix desktops in TUTORIALS menu

Use the personal folder to create your own look

Not ready to build an iso
but ready to download what we build
it will contain our selection
of software

Download the iso from