With BYOI we give you the power
to change the iso any way you want.


We give you the power and knowledge to change the ArcoLinuxD iso.

The idea is to have a bare iso here. No desktops or user software. But during installation we can use Calamares to install more.

Check what applications you need for your hardware and ONLY install those.

 BYOI procedure

  1. git clone https://github.com/arcolinux/arcolinuxd-iso
  2. change packages.x86_64 – we just change arbitrary some of the applications
  3. run script 30 if you build the iso for the first time
  4. run script 40 if you build the iso for the second time (more conservative for your bandwidth usage)

Never run the building script with sudo just

Run this script always in bash (standard)

If you want to autologin
change /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
autologin-session=your desktop

or use our ArcoLinux Tweak Tool

You can find the name of your desktop in
More info

You can always set your num lock key on with
"numlockx on"
in the terminal or in your .bashrc

Not ready to build an iso
but ready to download what we build
it will contain our selection
of software

Download the iso from