Create new themes and create new aliases personal1, personal2, …

We have a /personal folder on ArcoLinux.

The idea is to put your .config or your .local or anything else in there when building an iso.


You can fill this /personal folder later after a clean install of ArcoLinux
if building isos is not (yet) for you

You can also do a clean install and run your scripts

You can add these lines to your .bashrc-personal or .zshrc-personal so you have the aliases as well.

#moving your personal files and folders from /personal to ~
alias personal1='cp -Rf /personal/1/* ~'
alias personal2='cp -Rf /personal/2/* ~'
alias personal3='cp -Rf /personal/3/* ~'
alias personal4='cp -Rf /personal/4/* ~'
alias personal5='cp -Rf /personal/5/* ~'
alias personal6='cp -Rf /personal/6/* ~'
alias personal7='cp -Rf /personal/7/* ~'
alias personal8='cp -Rf /personal/8/* ~'
alias personal9='cp -Rf /personal/9/* ~'

Then it is up to you to make new designs and put them in folders 1,2, ….

Switching between themes becomes as easy as typing the alias.

Make your backups on github and make scripts to fill the /personal folder with all your settings and looks.