How to add more desktops to ArcoLinuxB Xtended – adding dk

In this video, the creator introduces a workflow tutorial for ArcoLinuxB, emphasizing the ability for users to build their own ISOs. The tutorial focuses on how to add different desktop environments or window managers, such as DK (a tiling window manager), to an ISO, using ArcoLinuxB Xtended as an example. This process allows users to customize their ISOs with a combination of environments, such as XFCE with DK.

The creator walks through the process of obtaining the necessary code from GitHub, specifically targeting the ArcoLinuxB Xtended repository. The tutorial covers the basics of cloning the repository, adding specific packages to the build, and how to push changes to make them available publicly. It’s highlighted that users have full control over the customization of their ISOs by adding packages to the build list, which could include desktop environments, drivers, applications, or any other required packages.

A practical demonstration shows how to add the DK window manager to the ArcoLinuxB Xtended ISO by including the necessary packages and configurations. The creator points out the importance of including specific fonts and tools that DK might require, such as Polybar and Source Code Pro Nerd Font, ensuring that all dependencies are met.

The simplicity of the process is emphasized; users only need to add the desired packages to the list, and if needed, remove any they don’t want by uncommenting them. The tutorial reassures that having duplicates of a package will not cause issues other than extending the build time.

In conclusion, the video showcases how easy it is to customize and build an ISO with ArcoLinuxB, encouraging users to explore and create their own personalized Linux distributions. The next steps involve running the build process and testing the newly created ISO, promising a follow-up video to cover these aspects.

In this continuation of the ArcoLinuxB Xtended story, the creator added the DK window manager to the ISO and proceeded with the build process. During the build, a potential conflict between two packages was identified, which could affect icon settings. Despite this, the decision was made to proceed, embracing the experimental nature of the process.

After building the ISO, the creator tested it, noting the inclusion of DK and other applications. A new DK setting was mentioned, requiring an icon update for Discord and another application. The installation process is described as straightforward, emphasizing patience as a necessary virtue.

The creator highlights the flexibility and control users have with ArcoLinuxB Xtended, encouraging them to add or remove packages as desired. The video showcases the ease of customizing the ISO, including the selection of different sessions like DK for the login.

However, an issue with font configuration for Polybar within DK was discovered, pointing to a specific font (Nerd Font Source Code Pro) that wasn’t correctly set up. The creator plans to address this by updating the font settings, ensuring the proper display of elements within Polybar.

The video concludes with the creator solving the font issue, demonstrating the hands-on approach to customizing and troubleshooting in the ArcoLinuxB Xtended environment.