How to build ArcoLinuXL Prime on EndeavourOS – adding packages from Chaotic aur – share your packages list with other users

Base iso : ArcoLinuXL

ArcoLinuXL Prime is just a name we gave our unique creation – Xfce4 and Chadwm

All we need to keep safe is the packages file. Nothing else.

Why not share your packages list with someone else. Now they can build your Prime ISO and we can even build it on several Arch based systems like EndeavourOS.

When there are key signing issues
just press ARROW UP and run the script again – see video

Extra Actions/Tips:


  • iso of 3.3 GB

The video begins with the presenter explaining the excitement of being able to build ArcoLinuxL ISOs with an additional 4,000 packages from the Chaotic AUR repository, significantly enhancing customization options. The process of creating these custom ISOs is detailed on the ArcoLinuxB website, with several videos and articles guiding users through the process.

The presenter showcases the versatility of ArcoLinux tools by highlighting that custom ISOs can be built not just on ArcoLinux but also on other distributions like EndeavourOS, RebornOS, Garuda Linux, and more. This is demonstrated by building an ArcoLinuxL Prime ISO, a personalized version of ArcoLinuxL that includes additional packages and settings specified by the user.

A key point is made about the importance of sharing and learning from each other in the Linux community. By exchanging package lists (.pkglist files), users can easily replicate or modify others’ custom ISOs, fostering a collaborative environment.

The video tutorial covers the technical process of modifying the .pkglist file to include or exclude specific packages according to personal preference. The presenter opts to exclude certain drivers and applications that are not needed for his hardware and includes preferred applications like Chromium and Inkscape, demonstrating the customization process.

The build process is executed on EndeavourOS, showcasing that ArcoLinux tools and scripts are capable of running on different Linux distributions. The presenter encounters and resolves a common issue related to conflicting package signatures between repositories, emphasizing the importance of troubleshooting skills.

The final part of the video shows the newly built ArcoLinuxL Prime ISO being installed and customized, with the presenter choosing specific themes, icons, and settings to personalize the desktop environment. This highlights the ultimate goal of the process: to create a Linux distribution that meets the user’s specific needs and preferences.

In conclusion, the video serves as both a tutorial on building custom ArcoLinuxL ISOs and a call to the Linux community to share resources and knowledge. By exchanging customized package lists, users can explore a wider range of software and configurations, enriching their Linux experience.