How to create a bare ArcoLinuxB iso

Check out the video how we make a bare ArcoLinuxB iso.

Plasma is just an example. It could have been Mate or Cinnamon or Gnome or …

In this video, the creator addresses a user’s request from Discord about creating an ArcoLinuxB Plasma “bare” ISO, emphasizing the flexibility of ArcoLinux to build custom ISOs with various desktop environments and kernel options. The tutorial demonstrates how users can construct an ISO tailored to their preferences, incorporating or excluding specific packages to achieve a minimalistic or feature-rich setup as desired.

The process involves selecting the ArcoLinuxB Plasma or any other desktop environment from the ArcoLinux GitHub repository, modifying the package list to include or exclude applications and configurations based on personal preference. The creator walks through adjusting the package list, highlighting the importance of making informed decisions about each package to ensure the resulting ISO meets the user’s needs.

The tutorial covers the technical aspects of building the ISO, including modifying the Calamares installer configuration to accommodate different kernel choices like Linux LTS, Linux Zen, or XanMod. The creator emphasizes the importance of experimenting with different configurations and learning from the build process to understand the impact of each package and configuration on the final ISO.

Throughout the video, the creator encourages viewers to explore and experiment with the build process, providing insights into how to tailor the ArcoLinuxB environment to specific requirements. The tutorial is positioned as a learning opportunity, urging users to delve into the details of each package and configuration to gain a deeper understanding of the ArcoLinux system.

By the end of the video, the creator successfully demonstrates building a custom ArcoLinuxB Plasma ISO, showcasing the customizability and versatility of ArcoLinux. The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to take control of their ArcoLinux installations, exploring different packages and configurations to create an ISO that aligns with their preferences and requirements.