How to create a XS iso with applications not on Arch Linux or ArcoLinux repos – include chaotic-aur repo


This article discusses how to build a custom ArcoLinux ISO with packages from the chaotic-aur repository.


  • The author explains how to use the ArcoLinux build system to create a custom ISO.
  • The tutorial focuses on building an ISO with the XS edition of ArcoLinux.
  • The author demonstrates how to add packages like Android Studio and Flutter from the chaotic-aur repository to the ISO.
  • Pacman is used to install packages from the chaotic-aur repository.
  • The tutorial also mentions the possibility of creating a personal GitHub repository for custom packages.
  • The resulting ISO can be used to install ArcoLinux with the desired packages pre-installed.

In this video, the presenter outlines the process of incorporating packages from the Chaotic AUR into ArcoLinuxB ISO builds, highlighting a significant enhancement in customization capabilities for users. The focus is on adding specific packages, such as Android Studio and Flutter, which are not available in the standard ArcoLinux or Arch repositories but are accessible through the Chaotic AUR. This process involves modifying the build scripts to recognize the Chaotic AUR as a valid package source, enabling the inclusion of a wide range of additional software in custom ISOs.

The video demonstrates the steps necessary to clone the ArcoLinuxB build environment, adjust the build scripts to include the Chaotic AUR repository, and specify the additional packages to be included in the build. The presenter emphasizes the importance of setting a new parameter in the build script to “true” to enable the use of the Chaotic AUR and shows how to add package names directly to the build configuration.

By leveraging the ArcoLinux Tweak Tool and manually editing the pacman.conf file, users can instruct the Pacman package manager to fetch packages from the Chaotic AUR, thereby broadening the potential for ISO customization. The presenter executes a build to create an ArcoLinuxB ISO that includes Android Studio and Flutter, demonstrating the successful inclusion of these packages from the Chaotic AUR. The video concludes with the presenter highlighting the ease of adding virtually any package available in the Chaotic AUR to ArcoLinuxB ISOs, thereby offering users the ability to create highly personalized and feature-rich Linux distributions.