How to create an ArcoLinuxB Dk with Chaotic packages and let us use the personal folder

Base iso : ArcoLinuxB Dk

Extra packages:

  • Flat-remix
  • Angrysearch

Extra Actions/Tips:

  • website url to find the package name – /etc/pacman.d
  • $repo=chaotic-aur
  • $arch=x86_64
  • Using Personal folder
    • .bashrc
    • .config for alacritty, autostart, btop
    • sublime-text tar.zst with pacman -U
    • Wallpapers folder with my selection of wallpapers
    • using the “personal” alias
  • Use “thunar -q” to kill thunar and apply the correct icon theme


  • iso of 2.6 GB

The video introduces new scripts for including over 4,000 chaotic packages into ISOs, highlighting the adaptability of building personalized ISOs. It covers the flexibility to add packages from the chaotic repository, personal configurations, or even create a private repository. The tutorial demonstrates adding specific packages like Angry Search and Flat Remix from the chaotic repository to an ISO build, alongside explaining how to incorporate personal configurations and wallpapers directly into the ISO. It emphasizes the choice and freedom in selecting desktop environments, packages, and configurations to tailor the ISO. The process involves modifying scripts to acknowledge the chaotic repository and adding desired packages or personal touches to the build. The video culminates in showcasing the resulting ISO, highlighting its customized aspects, including the inclusion of specific packages, personal wallpaper collections, and configurations, illustrating the vast possibilities for customization and personalization in building your own ISO.