How to create an ArcoLinuxB Hypr iso from scratch

Once all the githubs, repos, package builds and scripts are in place making a new iso is not that hard.

See what steps we take to create an ArcoLinuxB Hypr.

We need a package for the configuration and a package for the application:

  • arcolinux-hypr-git
  • hypr-dev-git

Copy/pasting is fun but …

See me making a mistake and ending up in a ‘virgin’ i3.

The video provides a comprehensive guide on creating a new desktop environment called Hypr for ArcoLinux, alongside other new additions like Pantheon, Berry, and Worm. The presenter demonstrates how to build ArcoLinuxB ISOs, focusing on the Hypr desktop.

Key steps in the process include cloning GitHub repositories for ArcoLinuxD and B, creating new repositories for Hypr, and editing package lists to include necessary packages for Hypr while removing those for i3. The tutorial also covers configuring Polybar for Hypr, adjusting key bindings, and ensuring the correct fonts and applications are installed.

The presenter explains the importance of modifying the Calamares installer configuration to match the new desktop environment, ensuring a smooth installation process. Throughout the video, tips on troubleshooting and customizing the desktop, such as changing backgrounds, managing workspaces, and using key bindings for efficient navigation, are shared.

This guide is part of a series aimed at teaching users how to create their own ISOs, offering insights into the flexibility and customization options available within ArcoLinux. The tutorial encourages experimentation and learning through building and modifying desktop environments.