How to create an ArcoLinuxB Wayfire with Android-studio and Flutter from Chaotic-aur

Base iso : ArcoLinuxB Wayfire

Extra packages:

  • Android-studio
  • Flutter

Extra Actions/Tips:

  • website url to find the package name
  • wayfire, hyprland and sway need to be installed on real metal not in virtual machines


  • iso of 3.9 GB

This video introduces updated scripts for building ArcoLinuxB ISOs, highlighting the customization process for personal ISO building. It demonstrates how users can build upon the core of ArcoLinux but make personalized decisions on included software, like choosing desktop environments or window managers. The tutorial explores adding specific packages like Android Studio and Flutter from the chaotic repository, utilizing the ArcoLinuxB build script with updated settings to acknowledge the chaotic repository. It emphasizes the importance of setting the chaotic repository to “true” to avoid errors during the build process. The video also explains the flexibility offered through personal repositories and the inclusion of packages from the Chaotics AUR repository, showcasing how to customize the ISO further by adding or removing software according to personal preferences. The process highlights the user’s control over their operating system, contrasting with distros that make software choices for the user. The video concludes by showcasing the build and test of a personalized ISO, emphasizing the large size due to included software like Android Studio, and reaffirming the empowerment ArcoLinuxB offers to users in customizing their ISOs.