How to create an ArcoLinuXS iso with Chaotic and Nemesis repo packages

Base iso : ArcoLinuXS

Extra packages:

  • colloid-cursors-git (chaotic-aur)
  • firefox-esr (chaotic-aur)
  • lutris (chaotic-aur)
  • xonotic (chaotic-aur) – large game
  • saurbraten(chaotic-aur) – large game
  • edu-papirus-dark-tela-grey-git (nemesis-repo)
  • chromium
  • darktable
  • deadbeef

Extra Actions/Tips:

  • Use pamac-aur to find the packages you want from Chaotic-aur


  • iso of 4.5 GB

In this video, the creator explores the enhanced flexibility and freedom that ArcoLinuxB now offers, particularly through the addition of packages from the Chaotic AUR repository. This new feature allows for a more personalized ArcoLinux ISO creation, enabling users to add up to 4,000 packages from Chaotic AUR to their builds. The video demonstrates how to activate the Chaotic repo and how to choose and add specific packages to the ISO, such as Firefox ESR and various themes from both the Chaotic AUR and the creator’s personal repository, Nemesis.

Furthermore, the video highlights the importance of customizing the ISO by removing unwanted packages and adding preferred ones, showcasing the use of the ArcoLinux Tweak Tool to enable the Chaotic AUR repository. The creator also navigates through the Pamac manager to explore the vast selection of packages available in the Chaotic AUR, illustrating the process with the addition of Firefox ESR to their ISO. Additionally, the video addresses the significance of the personal repository, Nemesis, for adding custom packages and themes, such as the Adapta Colorpack and Papyrus icons tailored to the creator’s preference.

The tutorial emphasizes the concept of “building your own ISO” by making informed choices about which packages to include or exclude, thereby crafting a more personalized ArcoLinux experience. The creator meticulously walks through the process of adjusting the packages file to incorporate selected packages from the Chaotic AUR and the Nemesis repo, ensuring the build reflects their personal preferences. The video concludes with the successful creation of a customized ISO, demonstrating the enhanced capabilities and flexibility offered by ArcoLinux B for personalized ISO creation.