How to create ArcoLinuxB i3wm with the arcolinux-i3-wm-db-nemesis as default look

We have created two packages for i3wm that can be installed. Both packages use the code from Leftwm.

  • arcolinux-i3wm-db-nemesis-git
  • arcolinux-i3wm-forest-git

You can build an ArcoLinuxB i3wm iso with one of the above mentioned look and feel.

All what you need to do is remove the default arcolinux-i3wm-git and replace it with one of the extra themes.

The video showcases the process and insights into customizing the i3 window manager on ArcoLinux, particularly focusing on integrating a different theme, specifically the DB Nemesis theme. The creator is exploring i3 on QEMU with Virt Manager, emphasizing the flexibility of ArcoLinux ISO building, moving from CHADWM back to i3 but with a twist by applying the DB Nemesis setup, which changes the overall look and feel compared to the standard i3 setup.

The customization process includes adjusting the screen layout for QEMU to recognize the available screen real estate, changing backgrounds, and utilizing Rofi as an application launcher. The creator points out the convenience of keyboard shortcuts in managing applications and windows within the tiling window manager environment, advocating for minimal mouse use.

A significant part of the customization involves tweaking the ArcoLinux logout script to simplify it, making it more accessible and tailored to the user’s preferences by editing the `arcolinux-logout` configuration to display only desired options like shutdown, restart, and logout.

To replicate a similar i3 environment with the DB Nemesis theme, the creator suggests downloading the Arco i3 setup from the ArcoLinux GitHub, illustrating how simple changes in the packages, specifically swapping the standard i3 window manager package with the DB Nemesis version, can dramatically alter the desktop environment. This approach underscores the modularity and customizability of ArcoLinux, allowing users to easily create a personalized ISO with their preferred setup.

The video concludes with the creator emphasizing the vast possibilities and choices available within ArcoLinux, encouraging users to explore and tailor their installations to their liking. The tutorial is a testament to the power of ArcoLinux in providing users with the tools and knowledge to customize their computing experience extensively.

Forest theme

The video guides viewers through customizing the i3 window manager on ArcoLinux, focusing on integrating the DB Nemesis theme and exploring other theme options. The presenter demonstrates how to change the background, manage workspaces, and use various utilities like Discord, Telegram, and Flame Shot within i3. The tutorial explains the process of building a personalized ArcoLinux B i3 ISO with the Forest theme by modifying package lists and swapping default packages with desired themes.

Key steps include cloning the Arco i3 repository, editing package lists to include or exclude specific applications and themes, and executing scripts to build the customized ISO. The video highlights the importance of adjusting package dependencies, such as font packages, to ensure that all elements of the chosen theme display correctly.

The presenter also discusses the flexibility of ArcoLinux B, encouraging users to experiment with different configurations and themes to create a desktop environment that suits their preferences. By leveraging the ArcoLinux GitHub repositories and understanding the package build process, users can significantly customize their i3 window manager setup.

Towards the end, the tutorial covers troubleshooting missing icons in the polybar by examining configuration files and making necessary adjustments to ensure a coherent and visually appealing desktop environment. This approach exemplifies the detailed customization possibilities within ArcoLinux, offering insights into creating a tailored computing experience.