How to create the ArcoLinuxS-Rt iso under 30 minutes

In this video, released on the 1st of December, the creator addresses an issue with the Xanmod kernel, which is (at the moment) not supported by Arch, and introduces the concept of building ISOs with alternative kernels, including the new Real-Time (RT) and Real-Time Long-Term Support (RT LTS) kernels. The video serves as a tutorial for building an ISO based on a different kernel than the default Linux kernel, focusing on the educational aspect of the process rather than immediate practical application.

The creator demonstrates the process of setting up a new ISO named ArcoLinuxS-Rt ISO, explaining the necessary steps to configure and build this ISO with the RT kernel. This includes creating a GitHub repository for the project, adapting scripts and configurations from existing projects, and ensuring all references to kernels and configurations are correctly updated to reflect the use of the RT kernel.

Throughout the video, the importance of precision in naming and configuration is emphasized to avoid errors and ensure the correct functioning of the ISO. The creator also highlights the collaborative and community-driven nature of the project, inviting viewers to participate and share their experiences.

By the end of the video, the creator successfully builds the new ISO in under 30 minutes, showcasing the efficiency and potential for customization within the ArcoLinux community. The project is described as an interesting educational challenge, encouraging viewers to explore ISO building as a way to deepen their understanding of Linux distributions. The creator concludes by pointing viewers to additional resources and guides for building their own ISOs, emphasizing the gradual increase in complexity as one progresses from basic customization to creating their own distribution with unique repositories and keys.