How to create the ArcoLinuxS-Rt-Lts iso under 30 minutes

In this video, the creator embarks on a challenge to build a new ISO, named RT LTS, faster than a previous attempt where an ISO called RT ISO was made in under 30 minutes. The process involves using scripts and Arch Linux and ArcoLinux packages to streamline the creation. The video demonstrates adding a Long-Term Support (LTS) kernel to the build, differentiating it from the standard RT ISO by including the RT LTS linux package.

The creator goes through the steps of setting up a GitHub repository for the project, ensuring all necessary files and configurations are copied and adapted for the RT LTS version. This includes modifying package lists and configurations to reflect the LTS kernel, with careful attention to avoid errors in naming and file paths.

Throughout the video, the importance of accuracy in the setup process is emphasized, including checking and rechecking changes to ensure everything is correctly configured for the LTS version. The creator also highlights the community aspect, encouraging viewers to participate in the development process and share their insights on the ArcoLinux Discord channel.

The video concludes with the successful creation of the RT LTS ISO, cutting down the development time by 6 minutes compared to the non-LTS version. This achievement showcases the efficiency of the process and the potential for further customization and development within the ArcoLinux community. The creator invites viewers to learn and participate in creating their own ISOs, providing a wealth of information and tutorials on the ArcoLinux B website for those interested in delving deeper into ISO creation and customization.