How to create the biggest gaming iso ever

Get your build scripts from
with git clone

You just want OPENBOX and LOTS OF GAMES

You can use any desktop you like
We choose Openbox

 BYOI procedure

  1. git clone
  2. change packages.x86_64 to include more games
  3. make a script for games coming from Aur
  4. run script 30
  5. no “3 x yes” needed anymore since 18.9.5
  6. test iso in virtualbox
  7. Packages list of games on the iso is here
  8. Packages list of games to install after installation (AUR) is here

5.3GB iso
After clean install of this iso
your run the AUR games script.

This iso will go never online
Build it yourself
Happy building
Happy gaming

Never run the building script with sudo just
./30-build-the-iso… or ./31-build-the-iso …

Run this script always in bash (standard)

We will use Xfce as the delivery system for your desktop.
The livecd will not have your chosen desktop.
You need to install it to see it. 

If you want to autologin
change /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
autologin-session=your desktop

You can find the name of your desktop in
More info

You can always set your num lock key on with
“numlockx on”
in the terminal or in your .bashrc

Updates are 10 months overdue
stay rolling video

This video and many like it are video’s to show you that Arch Linux is very stable and that you do not have to update daily or else it breaks. Since ArcoLinux is based on Arch Linux, this is true for ArcoLinux as well.

We update an SSD that we have left alone for 9 months and update the system from 

18.11.2 to 19.07.16

But actually as a developer I know we are already on 19.09.1.


We jump from November to September aka 10-11 months.

And no issues afterwards.

What did we discuss in the next video?

  • BYOI with tutorials on
  • Learn your aliases
  • We learn about the mirrors and about the aliases to get the best/fastest servers in
  • We learn about keyrings and package signing
  • /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist is looked at
  • reflector as application explained
  • you can use the .bashrc-personal in this article
  • we solve the key signature for several packages
  • sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring
  • we analyze all the packages and see what comes from ArcoLinux (/etc/skel/…)
  • we explain skel and bupskel
  • we explain that variety is there to set and change your wallpaper
  • we explain the bupskel
  • we need the have the new bashrc in… how to do that – cb
  • we update all packages from AUR
  • missing – orphaned – out of date message on AUR/ YAY
  • removing packages – via pacman or via pamac aur


What did we discuss in the next video?

  • we change the number of ArcoLinux which is at the start 18.11.2.
  • stay rolling in ~/.bin
  • skel
  • bupskel and use meld
  • /etc/skel is your backup