How to create your own ArcoLinuxB Minimal version – recommended workflow

Get your build scripts from
with git clone

You just want 1 DESKTOP and nothing more.

In this example we create Bspwm Minimal

Based on this workflow you can just create

 BYOI procedure

  1. git clone
  2. git clone
  3. creation of a new github for arcolinuxb-bspwm-minimal
  4. compare or meld between two githubs
  5. change packages.x86_64 if you want to
  6. run script 30
  7. no “3 x yes” needed anymore since 18.9.5
  8. test iso in virtualbox

Packages.x86_64 can be edited

Mid July 2018 packages.both was changed into packages.x86_64 since there is no more support for 32 bits.

What will be installed on your iso is defined in the packages.x86_64 file. If you want to exclude or include packages then you will need to edit that file. We will keep updating packages.x86_64 over time. It will differ from the video in the future.

Content of Packages.x86_64

Uninstalled too much in the video.

You need to install rxvt-unicode to have a terminal at startup 
keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + T

So beware that you do not hashtag out important elements of your iso.

it is all about trial and error and learning from it.