How to mount an ssd bay in your desktop to easily switch between windows and linux

Of course you can dual boot or triple-boot or even more but is it all worth it in the end. A lot of users are faced with a malfunctioning system at some point or other. I know you can learn from these setbacks and google for solutions until it is fixed…


What if you installed just 1 operating system (Linux or Windows) on 1 SSD at ALL TIMES and bought and installed a SSD bay system.

Every time you want to distro hop or go back to Windows to work or game, you pop in the appropriate SSD.

No risk of breakage.

No risk of contamination.

No risk period.

Need to share files between operating systems – use the cloud services out there. Dropbox, Google drive, One drive, Megashare, …

Invest in hardware to have an SSD bay and buy as much SSD’s, as you would like in order to test out or keep the operating systems.