Lets build ArcoLinux and add a driver (or delete) to get better support

Join us on Discord and on the forum. You are NOT the only one with that particular laptop or piece of hardware. 

Find solutions on the forum, ask questions on discord.

We are no linux guru’s, we can try to help you.

If you figured out, what drivers you need to make Arch Linux and so ArcoLinux work on your hardware, then you can immediately add them to the packages file and start building your own personal ArcoLinux iso.

We have added


to our iso and we build it for a test run.

Just add one or two things and test it out on your hardware.

We show you the process of building your own iso in the video.

Note : you will need a pc that has Arch Linux or ArcoLinux on it to do so.

adding nvidia, nvidia-utils and nvidia-settings