Nemesis_repo – how to change the names of your packages

We thought it would be better if we renamed the arcolinux- packages to edu-packages.

It is better to make the distinction that the files are coming from my personal github + it is a great tutorial to explain the “replaces” line in a PKGBUILD.

This video tutorial explains the process of renaming and updating packages within the ArcoLinux ecosystem, specifically focusing on changing a package name from “Papirus Dark” to “EDU Papirus Dark” and ensuring users receive updates despite the name change. Here’s a detailed summary in bullet points:

– Introduction to the concept of creating and customizing ArcoLinux B ISOs with personal or external repositories, using “LeftWM” as an example.
– Discussion on adding a prefix (“EDU” for Erik Dubois) to differentiate personal GitHub repositories from the ArcoLinux GitHub.
– Explanation of the challenges and solutions when changing package names, especially ensuring users receive updates for renamed packages.
– Detailed walkthrough of renaming a package, including changing directory names, updating GitHub configuration, and modifying package build scripts.
– Introduction of the “replaces” field in the package build script
– Step-by-step guide on how to instruct Pacman to recognize and handle the renamed package, ensuring it replaces the old package without issues.
– Demonstration of building the renamed package using a script and the importance of updating the package version for the changes to take effect.
– Discussion on the backend administrative changes needed to support the package name change, including updating repository references and package build configurations.
– Mention of the potential delay in GitHub recognizing the renamed package and the strategy for checking the package’s availability in the repository.
– Conclusion emphasizing the technical steps required to rename and replace a package within the ArcoLinux ecosystem, ensuring users receive updates without conflicts.

This tutorial showcases the flexibility and control ArcoLinux users have over their systems, allowing for personalized modifications and updates to their software environment.