Understanding Linux Repositories:

In the Linux world, a repository (repo) is a storage location from which software packages can be retrieved and installed on a Linux system. These repositories are essential for managing software, allowing users to download, install, update, and manage software packages easily from a centralized source.


In the context of ArcoLinux and its focus on customization and user choice, the “nemesis-repo” is:

  1. Custom Repository: It is a custom repository created by the ArcoLinux team or its community to provide additional software packages  of configurations not available in the official ArcoLinux or Arch Linux repositories.
  2. Focused on Personalization and Automation: The repository is designed to support further customization and automation of ArcoLinux installations.
  3. Educational and Development Tools: The repo was created with educational or developmental purposes in mind.

Arcolinux-nemesis scripts

More personalization of your operating system can be achieved by running scripts.

Arcolinux-Nemesis is not a standard application or software but it is a post-installation script or set of scripts designed for use with ANY ARCH LINUX BASED SYSTEM.

ArcoLinux itself is a distribution of Linux that aims to cater to a wide range of users by providing a highly customizable experience.

The Nemesis scripts can be seen as an extension of this philosophy, offering users the ability to further personalize their system after the initial installation.


Advantages of Arcolinux-Nemesis:

  1. Customization: One of the primary benefits of using Arcolinux-Nemesis is the level of customization it offers. Users can tailor their system to meet their specific needs, preferences, and workflow, which is particularly beneficial in an academic setting where different projects may require different tools and configurations.
  2. Automation: The scripts automate the process of installing additional software, drivers, and configurations that are not included in the standard ArcoLinux installation. This can save users a significant amount of time and effort, especially those new to Linux or those who prefer a more automated setup process.
  3. Consistency: Consistency in the setup of computer labs can be crucial. Arcolinux-Nemesis scripts can ensure that all systems are configured identically, with the same tools and settings, reducing variability and potential issues between different machines.
  4. Educational Tool: Using Arcolinux-Nemesis can be an excellent educational tool for students studying informatics. It introduces them to scripting, Linux administration, and the importance of automated deployment, which are valuable skills in the IT industry.
  5. Community Support: ArcoLinux has a supportive community, and by extension, users of Arcolinux-Nemesis can benefit from this collective knowledge. Troubleshooting, script customization, and new ideas are often shared within the community, providing a rich resource for users.
How to add my personal repo to any of the ArcoLinuxB isos

How to add my personal repo to any of the ArcoLinuxB isos

ArcoLinuXL and ArcoLinuxB Leftwm iso will have the personalrepo set to true. Test it there. In the video we show you the workflow how we can add our personal repo to the ArcoLinux build. It all started in this article. In that article we explain how to create packages...

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