Project ArcoLinuxB Bare – you can build a bare version for any of your desktops

Project ArcoLinuxB Bare

You have to make the bare versions yourself.

That is the entire point of the ArcoLinuxB project.

First we get all relevant data via git to compare later with meld.

git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone


We copy/paste the folder arco-bspwm-minimal and rename it to arco-bspwm-bare.

After creating this video you can download it here.

git clone

Then we compare different folders and decide what to hashtag out. Follow the video for that.

Just have fun learning, comparing and building.

Do not see it as a complex linux system.


See it as a big box of lego blocks and you decide the building blocks.


Make sure that numlockx is installed or your lightdm will not start.