Project ArcolinuxB Xfce Bare – let us make the smallest iso possible

Project ArcoLinuxB Xfce Bare

We will never make other bare versions.

You have to make them yourself.

That is the entire point of the ArcoLinuxB project.

The Project ArcoLinuxB Xfce Bare is a personal project between me and Xeoncpu wondering how much packages can we ‘ditch’ without breaking the system.

We know we will have to install a lot of applications after installation.

That is not important.

We were looking for the minimal list of packages and still have a nice looking Xfce but with less functionality.

That goes without saying.

We started with copy/pasting the ArcoLinuxB-Xfce-Minimal and starting adding hashtags before the applications we ‘think’ we do not need.

If you have already installed Arch Linux (phase 5) then you know we can still delete more hardware software and drivers but we do want the iso still to install on a variety of computers.

The point of sharing this iso and the scripts is so that you can learn and compare with meld and improve on our work  and/or just make an new ArcoLinuxB-Qtile-Bare or an other desktop.

Just have fun learning, comparing and building.

This project is a what-if between two people and this is the result.

Installation and overview
of ArcoLinuxB Xfce Bare